Nov 17 2020 Day 1 of New Media 11



1. Teacher Intro
2. Seating plan - alphabetical. 
3. Rules and Protocol - will review more via the syllabus re: academic.

Class Covid19 Protocol - 
*Sanitize upon entry to the space. 
*Masks on until you are at your seat.
*Sit at your seat. 
*If you get up - mask on pls. 
*Do not approach teacher desk area without mask on - maintain distance. 
*Do not congregate with others around your space. *At break or at other times. Group work - masks on. 
*We will be cleaning our chairs and desks each day prior to dismissal. One row at a time. Masks on. 
*Do not congregate at the door prior to dismissal - wait until your row is dismissed - mask on waiting for dismissal so you are masked once you stand to leave. 
*Sanitize as you exit. 

Full Course Syllabus Review - next day!

5. Lesson – How we learn?

6. Review Teams! New Media 11.
Bio Paragraph Assignment: Teams. Complete. 

Post completion.


Information: Once it's out there....

Once you put your personal information out there, it can be very hard to remove. Watch as the video shows that it’s almost impossible to take back anything that you put online – much like getting the toothpaste back into the tube.

8. Class discussion - name some of the things you, your friends or their older siblings do online. Class list on board. 

Name one piece of information that you give away with each of those activities. 

Reminder - "personal information" broadly as "anything about yourself that you post online or that can be tracked by the sites or services you use." 

Definition of personal info: 

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. It can include your name, birthday, e-mail address, and phone number. It can also include: your opinions, your spending habits, your IP address, photos and digital images, and your e-mail and text messages.

9. Back to the video - what do you think the message of the video is? What does toothpaste have to do with information? Why might the person be trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube, and what does it mean that s/he can't?

Information is permanent (key principle #1): just like toothpaste that can't be put back into a toothpaste tube, once information is online it can't be deleted or removed.

Class discussion - is it really not possible to "put the toothpaste back into the tube?" 


  1. is permanent;
  2. can be copied;
  3. can be seen by unintended, and potentially much larger audiences;
  4. is searchable. - refer name " " sample. 
  • You can delete the information you disclose (such as photos you post) but you can't stop other people from sharing them or making copies. Once information is online, it's not easy to control how it's collected by the sites and services you use or by other users
  • You can ask people to delete their copies, but the social network or photo-sharing site may keep its own copies, and other users can use any copies they made however they want.
  • You can close your whole account, but they may keep copies for a while after that (in case you change your mind) or may even keep copies of what you've posted forever -- you have to read the Terms of Service to find out what happens when you close your account.

This example is something you posted voluntarily: it can be even harder to get information that was collected about you "back in the tube," in part because you may not even know it's being collected.

Important Terms:

Privacy Policies explain how the operator uses the information that you provide to them, whether directly (by sharing photos or other content) or indirectly (through anything you do which can be tracked and used to build a profile of you.) 

Privacy policies also lay out what information they share with third parties (like advertisers), what choices you can make about limiting what information is collected or shared, what happens to your information if you close your account, and what you can do if you think the policy has been violated.

Terms of Use (also called Terms of Service) are a more general explanation of the conditions under which you use a website, app or service. These include what kind of behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable, who owns the content you create or share, how you can close your account, what you can do if you think the policy has been violated, and many other rules.

*What is an elevator pitch?! Prep.  

How To Create Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch! 

*If time - Simon S. Video Viewing. 


Do you think you are victim of 'failed parenting strategies?'

Do you believe that engagement with social media has negative mental health consequences?  

Do you believe that tech is addictive? 

Do you feel that teens NEED the approval of your piers? Why or why not? 

Do you feel that you have the ability to create deep meaningful relationships? 

Do you feel that the millennial generation is impatient? Do you NEED instant gratification? 

How does Simon state that the above issues affect long term career satisfaction and happiness? 

What does Simon say is the negative of corporate environments that young people enter into after high school?

Are there parallels between the traditional school system and the corporate environment? 

How do we address this? As teachers/guides and students/mentees - as a team? As co-learners? 

How do we find a better balance between life and tech? 


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